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2nd December 2011

We love burgers; cheese, bacon, chilli, veggie, they’re all good. But just how odd can some burgers of the world get? We’ve put together a guide to our favourite – and sometimes horrifying – weird burgers from around the world. We take no responsibility if this puts you off your food; or, perhaps worse, actually makes you hungry!


Cheeseburger in a can. It’s a cheeseburger. In. A. Can. Oh God, we’re not sure whether we need to say any more. Produced by a German camping-supplies company (for campers who, we can only assume, have gone crazy and would think a cheeseburger in a can sounds appetising) it’s cooked in a water bath for 10 minutes before the lid is peeled off and the horrifying, gastronomic nightmare is revealed. Pictures of the process show that the marketing image is just a little (AKA a “lot”) misleading, with the final product looking far less appetising. A cheeseburger in a can. We will not rest till we have tried one.


Ah Paris. The home of French cuisine, world renowned chefs … and a burger with mini-pizzas-for-buns. We’re still not sure which is more surprising: that this can be bought in Disneyland (“here kids, 2 fast foods in one!”) or that it came from the minds of chefs at Disneyland Paris. However we do rather love it, it makes a lot more sense than burger-topped pizzas and looks rather tasty. (Though we think for ease-of-eating it would be better if the pizza bun was topping-side down.) Time to brush up on our French “Un hamburger de pizza, s’il vous plait“.


Ever thought “I sure wish someone would combine my desert and main course”? Nope, us neither. Yet here it is, a 1 550 calorie concoction of sweet and meaty is a big hit at American state fairs. The burger, bacon and cheese is sandwiched between two krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, creating a dish that terrifies us as much as it temps us. Would the cake-y texture of the doughnut conflict with the meat? Would the saltiness of the bacon not clash horribly with the sweet of the doughnut? These are questions we must know the answer too, and there may be only one way for us to find out … *orders a box of krispy Kreme*


Inspired by a character in American comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’ (Ron Swanson said, upon being asked if he had ever eaten a turkey burger, “Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger? If so, yes. Delicious.”) One meaty journalist decided this needed to be more than just a mythical idea and went about turning it into a reality. The burger is exactly what it sounds like; a turkey leg, deep-fried, then encased within minced meat and grilled. Creating a “turkey burger” unlike any you’ve had before. We’re not sure we like the thought of a bone in the centre of our burger, but there’s something tempting about meat-within-meat. We’ll take ours to-go.

What’s the weirdest burger you’ve ever tried?

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  • graham duffieldd

    a cheeseburger in the middle of a chocolate vanilla eclair topped with mustard and chilli sauce