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Takeaway Serious Spice

5th August 2010

Some like it hot!Think Britan? Think stodgy, bland chow, right? Wrong. While the UK may have a reputation for being a nation of mild food lovers, a recent survey suggests that Britons consume more tongue-tingling takeaway dishes than any other country in Europe. If you count yourself among the nation’s heat seekers, then why not try these dishes for your next takeaway order?

Indian Takeaways:
An easy fix for the dedicated chilli-thrill seeker, Indian takeaways offer some of the most serious spice legally available. Most might go for the certifiably insane amount of red chillis in a vindaloo (a.k.a. The Saturday Night Dare). However, at some Indian takeaways you can sacrifice your tongue to the mighty phall – a punishingly hot curry that’s pretty much guaranteed to make you cry like a little girl.

Thai Takeaways:
Looking east, seasoned spice fiends often seek solace in scorching Thai takeaway curries. Try the a takeaway jungle curry, which first offers lovely aromatic tones only to viciously sucker-punch the eater with chilli eat. One rung down from that is a takeaway Thai red curry, which while hot also features the addition of cooling coconut milk to help calm the inferno. Sortof. Well, not really.

Chinese Takeaways:
Although many won’t be familiar with Chinese takeaways being particularly spicy, heat lovers often look towards Szechuan regional cooking to get the fire going. Keep your eyes peeled for pungent kung pao chicken takeaways, laden with chilli and garlic; or the hurts-so-good burn of Mapo tofu.

Do you love the feel of sweat on your forehead and fire in your belly? What takeaway do you order to fan your fiery cravings?