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9th February 2012

For those of you that love takeaway so much you wish you could eat it for dessert too, here’s our top 10 list of fantastic fast food cakes!

Noodle box cake

It’s the little details that really impress us, the fake fortune cookie and the surprisingly delicious looking prawn.

Sushi cake

Edible chopsticks included! How about chocolate sauce instead of soy sauce to go with it?

Quadruple layer burger cake

Yeah you read that right, four layers of cake to create this behemoth of a burger. Including fondant lettuce, tomato and cheese? Plus cake-y chips? Excuse us while we drool.

Hot dog cake

People often ask what meat goes into hot dogs. Turns out it’s actually cake*! (*Not guaranteed to be cake all the time)

Fish and chips cake

How do you improve on a British classic? Turn it into a cake, obviously. This one is impressively convincing, we really hope that’s not just battered fish on top of cake …

Pizza cake

We’ve heard of deep pan pizza, but how about deep pan cake? This is one pizza we don’t want to have a crispy base.

Spaghetti & meatballs cake

Yeah OK, we’re starting to move away from fast foods a bit. But it’s still the kind of food you don’t expect to see as a cake, so we’ll allow it, especially when it’s this amazing.

Steak cake

The meatiest cake we’ve ever seen. This T-bone steak looks so good, we think we’d probably be a bit disappointed to find out it was actually a cake!

Fried chicken cake

Fried chicken definitely seems to be the hardest fast food to represent in cake form. The look and texture is particularly unique and doesn’t lend itself to cake or icing … That’s not to say we wouldn’t eat it, this is a bargain bucket we’d order for one!

Hot dog and popcorn cake

Bored of hot dogs and popcorn at the cinema? Why not sneak this in … The hot dog cake is so convincing we can practically smell it. While the edible popcorn holder seems like an ingenious solution to littering.

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